Ron Bilbao To Co-Chair Converge: Transport

Government relations and public affairs firm Converge Public Strategies is launching a new transportation-focused practice.

Converge:Transport will be co-chaired by Ron Bilbao and Mike Daley, both seasoned leaders in government relations, technology and transportation.

The practice will focus on helping clients navigate government to solve complex problems in the mobility, transportation and logistics sectors.

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The Political Life

How REEF is Transforming Open Urban Spaces Across the U.S

Ron Bilbao is Vice President and Head of Public Affairs at REEF Technology. REEF transforms static parking facilities into thriving mobility and logistical hubs. Their mission is to be the ecosystem that connects the world to your block. Ron is a Miami native with 15 years’ experience in public policy and government. Through his firm, November Strategies, he advised countless local, state and federal candidate and issue campaigns.

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Episode 3: Local and State Government Miami Style

One of the best places for individuals to get involved and effect change is at the local and state level. But to do this, it helps to know how these governmental and political systems function.This Thursday, the Downtown Democrats of Miami are hosting Miami-Dade Civics 101.Maggie Fernandez, President of sMIA Group and organizer of the Civics 101 event and Ron Bilbao of the Florida Education Association joined Florida Action Cast recently to talk about the upcoming event as well as government, civic engagement, and running for elected office in Miami-Dade County and the Sunshine State.

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Interview with Ronald Bilbao

Interview with Ronald Bilbao, Legislative Specialist at the Florida Education Association. Ronald was born in Miami in to Colombian and Venezuelan parents. He attended Miami-Dade County schools, and became involved with social justice at an early age as he led the first student-lobbying program to the state capital to advocate for juvenile justice reform and an anti-bullying legislation. He worked for Bob Levy in Tallahassee as a lobbyist intern before enrolling at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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South Florida Gay News

Straight Ally: Ron Bilbao

Ron Bilbao’s sense of social justice started in high school where he started the first student-lobbying program leading fellow students to the state capitol to advocate for anti-bullying legislation. Besides serving on the board of SAVE Bilbao is the Legislative Specialist at the Florida Education Association.

“The LGBT community still faces the daily scourge of discrimination in the workplace, in housing, in public, and in places of worship protected behind the veil of “religious freedom,” he said. “For straight allies, it means accepting a society that doesn’t accept our friends and our loved ones. It means accepting discrimination at some level, which leads to discrimination at all levels. And it means that we need to stand side-by-side in a movement that hopes to achieve a greater goal than just civil unions and marriage; that of a greater society where all forms of discrimination at all levels are eradicated. True equality for all is a cause we should all stand up for.”
Executive Director of SAVE Tony Lima added, “Ron has been a longtime board member of SAVE, South Florida’s foremost advocate for the local LGBTQ community, and I am so proud to have worked with him fighting for equality for the last few years. We congratulate Ron on everything he’s accomplished and look forward to continuing to work with him towards the goal of social justice for all.”
By: Jason Parsley April 26, 2016
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Carolina Alumni Review Article

“Becoming Latino: From Miami to Carolina Del Norte”
by Ron Bilbao

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Blue Gala Event Program

2017 Rising Star Award Recipient

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Ron Bilbao With Hillary Clinton And Former Vice President Al GoreRon Bilbao With People From The Mexico City Government